Hydraulic Drum Carrier

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Capacity (Kg)


Overall Size (L x W x H)

1020x950x1880 mm

Length Between Legs (Inner/Out)


Depth (mm)


Max Drum Lifting Height (mm)


Drum Type

Steel & Poly

Weight (Kg)



  • Ideal for loading pallets with drums up to 450kg capacity
  • Removes drums from the corner of pallets and skids
  • Up to 90-degree angle on legs
  • For use with both steel and poly drums
  • Fitted with a rear brake
  • Hydraulic foot pump
  • Safe raising and lowering of drums
  • Smooth and easy functions


Wheels & Steering

Located at the front of the unit are two fixed wheels and located at the rear of the unit are two steerable wheels fitted with a parking brake. Two fixed wheels allow accurate and stable support when loading and unloading drums from the pallet, whilst two steerable wheels located at the rear offer ease of movement again when loading and unloading, for safety the rear wheels are fitted with a brake to lock the unit into place when docking to ensure no unnecessary unit movement and offer optimal safety and security throughout the drum handling process.


Gripping and Grabbing

On the Corner Pallet Hydraulic Drum Truck, there are a number of mechanisms to aid and assist with the raising and lowering of your drums, one of the most important is the top grip situated at the very front of the unit, this is the main point of contact when addressing the drum! With the jaws of the gripping system engaged once the pump is active, this makes for secure and safe holding of the drum in both the raising and lowering process. This grip also removes the need for the user to touch the drum as the jaw both grabs and releases the drum automatically when required.

Pressure Release Control Rod

Another important component found on this unit is the Pressure Release Control Rod situated at the rear of the truck, this spring-loaded rod automatically closes the valve when released from the operator’s hand which prevents any unintentional movement of the drum and automatically engages the pump in the raising process, yet can accurately and smoothly lower the drum when required with a simple clock-wise turn of the ergonomically designed hand grip found at the top of the rod. This allows the user to slowly lower the drum at their required pace and can be stopped immediately by releasing in order to revert the mechanism back into the raise position, by doing this it stops the lowering process for optimum safety and reassurance.


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