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We provide our customers with industry-leading service. Our team of customer service representatives will assist you with product information, order inquiries, or any type of information you require on your orders. UnitedForklifts will find the right solutions for your company. By understanding your needs and then evaluating your current operations, please call us at (962) 799 501472 to learn more about how we can help your company. UnitedForklifts technicians have the experience you’re looking for and the service plans you need, As service providers, United Forklifts hire only the best technicians and provide the factory training, certification, and experience to efficiently repair All makes equipment to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.
We provide oil change service for all kinds and brands of forklifts
We provide full service and maintenance for all forklift brands and models
UnitedForklifts provides a Battery Regeneration service process for all brands of electrical forklifts
If a repair is necessary, our experts are always available and provide excellent emergency services on a call basis. It is our aim to guarantee a speedy repair and delivery service allowing you to resume your work as soon as possible.

Regular forklift truck inspections are planned by the dealer and conducted by a specialist technician, in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Each inspection includes an oil change, lubrication, checks, and adjustments, for a pre-agreed price.

The inspection report lists the maintenance operations.
UnitedForklifts draws up a parts and labor quotation for any extra work that is recommended in order to optimize the availability of trucks and minimize the risk of damage and major repairs.”Preventing Forklift Maintenance Contracts” This is a lift truck maintenance contract with recommended periodic service intervals, aimed at preventing breakdowns.
It consists of a complete inspection of all the maintenance items described in the manufacturer’s service manual for a lift truck.
The pre-agreed, all-inclusive maintenance price includes truck repair parts, labor, and the services of a technician. The daily checks/controls do not form part of the contract.

The maintenance report recommends essential repairs that need to be carried out and quotes them separately, allowing better planning for maintenance expenditure, made easier by prior knowledge of the cost, in line with the hourly estimated service schedule.”Full-service forklift maintenance contracts”A complete service contract from allowing the customer to focus completely on their business.
United Forklifts agrees with a customer on a “technical” yearly fee, for a period, typically between 12-24 months, in line with the hourly service schedule, which covers parts, labor, and the services of a technician.
The agreement covers all maintenance and repair work. Weekly checks and damage repairs following a handling incident or an accident are excluded.
Advantages include:

  • Planning and control of all expenditures
  • No surprise invoices
  • Improved cash flow
  • Optimum use of the truck
  • Reduced operating costs
  • The contract can include tires as an option.
  • Higher resale value for the truck

“Rental, including maintenance”In this case, the customer hires the truck from United Forklifts for a period of 5 years, with the benefit of Full Service.
In return for an inclusive monthly technical rental fee (Full Service) and financing (Rental), customers have access to the truck(s) agreed in the contract.
By the end of the contract, the truck has paid for itself.  The total monthly rental fee takes into account depreciation, residual value, and the different servicing schedules.
The contract makes a replacement truck available to you in case of a breakdown outside the contractual period.
The supply of pneumatic tires can be included as an option under the technical rental.
The main advantage is that customers enjoy the benefits of operating a truck with full service but are released from all the processes associated with owning and reselling the truck.

UnitedForklifts is proud to do the service of battery regeneration in Jordan, Battery regeneration is very popular. 80% of the batteries breaking down and losing capacity are sulfated but can be restored with the right equipment. Battery regenerator successfully removes sulphation due to an electrical high-frequency pulsation process. This process restores the battery capacity, giving you the ability to reuse old and sulfated batteries. You can also use the battery regenerator for annual maintenance to strongly prolong the lifespan of your batteries.
By using our Battery Regenerator you will be able to dissolve the hardened sulfate and restore it to active material. It uses high-frequency wrinkle currents that are very effective in removing the hardened sulfate. This process is fully automatic (max 42 hours), temperature-controlled, and consists of 5 steps. This results in increased electrolyte gravity, reduced inner resistance, and increased battery capacity.

“Maintenance Request Form” At UnitedForklifts, We receive many maintenance requests per day. In order to ensure a response, please make sure to fill out the below form accurately and as completely as possible. Make absolutely sure your contact information is correct. Although not all information is required (*), the more information you provide, the greater the likelihood that we will be able to assist you.

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