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ENM Viba-Timer is suitable for fitting to any machine that has no in-built
means of recording operating hours. Typical applications include trailed and
mounted mowers, top dressers, aerators, scarifiers, debris blowers, and collectors,
cultivations equipment, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders and many other
horticultural and agricultural machines.

Technical Data

  • Requires no wiring or external power source
  • Uses highly-sensitive vibration activation
  • Read-out shows hours and tenths of an hour
  • Clear and proven “always on” LCD display
  • Internal battery gives up to 8 years of operating life
  • Accuracy guaranteed to + or – 0.01%
  • Available now to OEM’s, machinery dealers and end-users at a very economical price
  • Made in the USA
  • The new Viba-Timer from Turfmech is a vibration-activated digital hour meter
  • Suitable for fitting to any machine with no in-built means of accurately
  • Recording working hours.
  • By displaying the actual working hours of the machine to which it is fitted,
  • Viba-Timer enables regular servicing and maintenance schedules to be
  • Carried out in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring that
  • the machine continues to perform at peak performance and optimum safety,
  • while also fulfilling warranty requirements.
  • Viba-Timer is ideal also as a factory- or dealer-fitted addition to any machine
  • that has never previously had a regular servicing schedule laid down. By
  • accurately recording and displaying actual working hours, Viba-Timer allows
  • manufacturers, distributors, dealers, plant managers and others to plan and
  • program a machine’s future servicing programme based on fact rather than guesswork.
  • Easily and quickly fitted to any new or existing machine.

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